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Whether it's taking in the best-known sights or getting off the beaten track, we are able to create tailor made itineraries according to your wishes. Thanks to our long term partneship with the most exclusive local suppliers, we design, create and plan luxury bespoke itineraries in Europe, Middle East and Usa. You can select your preferred style of holiday and we would be suggesting the most unique experiences to be discovered.

Art & Culture itineraries

No matter which country you visit, the culture will always be there and so its immense offer to experience it according to your dreams.

Food & wine itineraries

Food and wine tours are more than just sensual feasts; they are a paradigm that elevates travel experiences to their most unique and luxuriant emotion.

Fashion & Lifestyle Itineraries

Deluxe customized fashion tours for lifestyle experience.


Adventure & Sport itineraries

Our Adventure journeys are some of the most exciting and rewarding adventure vacations which will bring you to unspoiled and remote destinations.

Health & Wellness itneraries

We will design for you a thrilling vacation with time to reconnect with yourself for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday from a fast paced lifestyle. These days a holiday and travel experience can be more than just a seeing of sights. It can be a journey that combines health, wellness and travel experience.

Family itineraries

We realize special programs for families with children to have stress-free and life-changing travel experiences together.

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