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There’s not a good service, either the rental of a villa, the organization of an event or renting a car, without relying on an efficient concierge service working at 360 degrees.

We offer to our clients different types of concierge services depending on the request, up to a VIP 24 hours concierge service. There is an highly specialized staff, able to deal with any request and at any time. From theatre tickets to restaurant and bar bookings, entry to exclusive art galleries, sporting events, concerts, or perhaps even a VIP nightclub, we will use our expansive network of contacts in cities worldwide to arrange your bookings in advance.

We also offer a Managing Lifestyle Service for Business: refined services for those who expect excellence and research services in immediate and efficient solutions. The Business Concierge is specialized in solving problems of working, organizing meetings, in the search for interpreters and translators ... in short, everything needed from an entrepreneur during his business travel.

Here are just some of the possible Concierge services available:


  • Interpreters, translators, personal guides

  • Organization of activities and special tours

  • Reservation of restaurants and hotels

  • Booking tickets for sporting events, concerts, private clubs

  • Organization of exclusive events

  • Gourmet experience

  • Spa treatments on site

  • Personal Shopper & Fashion Designer

  • VIP Gift Center

  • Local and professional chef

  • Private chauffeur  and shuttle service

  • Extra staff for stays at villas & chalets

  • Security service


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